Despite a love of handwriting from an early age, Meg pursued her MBA at ESSEC in Paris, France. She began a career in Luxury Brand Management; enjoying the creativity, branding, and emotional narrative she'd create for her clients in the industry.

Upon having her son, Meg decided to change course. Now scribbling and lettering more frequently, and remembering her affinity for calligraphy, her friends encouraged her to capitalize on her talents.

Today Meg Grant is one of the most celebrated calligraphers in Houston, Texas. She's consistently creating for weddings, high stakes soirees, and editorial assignments alike.  When not working, she cherishes time with her son, yellow Labrador, and traveling the world - all of which inspire and inform her work.

Meg's career taught her that one of the greatest luxuries in life is happiness. Ironically, that's what she's bringing to every single piece she creates today.